Diary/Floorplan/Run sheet - How to create a Wait List

During service, you can manage, add and check bookings in on either your Diary, Floorplan or Run Sheet page. If you’re running a busy shift and need to start a Wait List to handle your walk-ins, you can do this by selecting ‘ADD BOOKING’ in the top Navigation Panel.

Please note: We also have an extra feature called Collins LiveWait - During service, manage your queue with live, up to date wait times for your host, plus interactive and automated SMS messages for your customers - who can also get in the queue automatically via your website. For more info or to activate, please contact your account manager or email collins-support@designmynight.com.

To add a booking to the waitlist, once you have clicked ADD BOOKING

  • Enter the Booking Type

  • Number of Guests

  • In the ‘Assign to Areas’ section, you’ll see ‘Add to waitlist’

  • This will automatically change the Time to ‘ASAP’

  • If you recognise the customer from a past booking you can search for them in the ‘Find a Customer’ section or

  • You can simply start adding the Customer's name and phone number etc in the below fields, so you can contact them when a table becomes available.

  • You can add a Run Sheet note i.e. 'Wearing a red shirt'. So you can identify them later.

  • Click COMPLETE  


If working in the Diary or Floorplan:

  • A Waitlist section will now be created at the top of the list in the Left-Hand Panel.

  • The time the Waitlist was created will be displayed and if you click on the waitlist booking to see more details, you can see any Run Sheet notes added.

  • You can opt to enable outbound texts so that when a Table becomes available you can text the customer to let them know ‘Your Table is now available, please head back to the reception desk’

  • When the customer arrives, you can assign them to a table and check them in as usual.   

If working on the Run Sheet:

  • A waitlist section will now be created at the top of the main list.

  • The Time the waitlist booking was added to the system will display just below the customer's name and any Run Sheet notes added will appear in the Notes section

  • You can opt to enable outbound texts so that when a Table becomes available you can text the customer to let them know ‘Your Table is now available, please head back to the reception desk’

  • When the customer arrives you can check them in by selecting the green ‘Check-in’ button to the right-hand side.


Please Note: If you don't think you have opted for Texts and would like to add this functionality please contact your account manager or email collins-support@designmynight.com.

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