Troubleshooting - Having issues with the system on a specific device

If you work on multiple devices (ie. Tablet, Laptop, Phone) within your venue and there seems to be an issue with your system occurring on one device (and not the others), here are some troubleshooting tasks for you to check whether there is something conflicting with Collins:

1) Try logging out of Collins and shutting the browser completely, opening it up again and re-logging in.

2) If you're still experiencing the same issues, then try the following:

Then, if you're finding that it's still the same, please use the HELP > 'Report An Issue' to get in touch with the support team and give us the following information:

> What page/function is not loading/running slowly?

For Example:

  • Loading the enquiries list

  • Searching

  • Opening a booking

  • Changing to the grid view/floor plan

> Is the page not loading at all or is it that the update button spins but never loads?

> Are there any users in the venue/office that don't seem to have been affected by this?

Using this information we will be able to look into the problem faster and more efficiently. We may then reply asking you to take a screenshot of the 'Console' tab on your laptop, should we need to look into this even further. Ideally, we'd need this screenshot to be taken on the page is being affected and/or running slowly. Please, see our guide here on how to bring this up to take a screenshot.  

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