Adding google analytics tracking code to the booking widget

If you are using our new V2 widget, please see this guide for more information on this section.

If you have a google analytics account you can track bookings/enquiries made within your analytics account through the Collins widget.

Probably worth passing to your website/digital team to do:

You just need to add an extra <script> block after the partner form code, and set the value of the Google Analytics account you want to use.

In the example below, the first line is the existing booking widget code that doesn't need to be changed, and the subsequent lines are added, with the client's analytics account 'UA-123456-1'.

<script src="" id="dmn-js"></script>
DMN.val('ga_account', 'UA-123456-1');

When your customer completes the booking, a page view will be registered in your google analytics account as either /booking-confirmed or /enquiry-received.

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