Collins Pay - How Do I Refund a Customer?

If you use Collins Pay - our revolutionary online payment system, you can refund a customer instantly in your system.

In the Payments tab of the booking, you would like to make the refund for, you will see a 'Refund' button on the right-hand side of the page attached to the payment taken. Simply click on the ‘Refund’ button and input the amount you'll like to refund the customer.

When processed, this will make a record of the refund below the payment. This will take 5-10 working days to reach the customer's account.  

When printing off a Function Sheet for that booking by using the “Print” button in the right-hand corner, you can choose to display the deposit, where the refund will also display so that the floor staff on the night can be made aware.

When adding an OTHER payment, this will also an option to REFUND, however, as this payment was not taken through Collins, this will just be to record a refund that was done outside of Collins.  

N.B Not all users have permission to make a refund. If the refund button is faded out, you will have to contact your key user to update your permissions to allow you to manage refunds.  

To see a video tutorial on how to refund a customer, please click here and watch from 03:42 - 04:15.    

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