Collins Pre Orders - FAQ's


Can I only set up menus for “typical menus” or can I set a menu for anything that I want my customers to select?

Anything you want a customer to pre-order you can put into a “menu”. Think of a “menu” as a package that contains anything you want to sell. EG. “Hen Party Packages” [Menu], containing “Hen Party Silver Package”, “Hen Party Gold Package” and Hen Party Platinum Package”. Of course, you can use this conventionally too by setting up a “Christmas Menu “ that contains all the items on your Christmas menu.

Can I set-up a menu with a set price?

Yes. Tick “Fixed Price” within the menu admin and you can select the number of items with a set price. EG. 2 for £25 and 3 for £30. You can also use this tool if you have a menu with certain items that can be selected for a fixed price. EG. Canapé Menu that you can select 5 canapés for £10 or 8 canapés for £18.

How do I set up different courses/sections within a menu?

Within the menu admin click “Add Section”, which creates a “header” box. You can type whatever you want in here, EG. Starter. Then select the items under this header. Then click “Add Section” again and type “Main Course” then select the items in that section etc.

Can I set up a canapé menu with multiple items to choose from?

Yes, you can add all your individual canapé items in the “Pre-Order Items” section, then add a “Canapé” Pre-Order Menu and add all the individual items to this menu.

Can I add the same item to multiple menus?

Of course yes. You can add one Pre-Order Item to as many different menus as you want.

Will Collins Pre-Orders automatically remind customers to fill out their pre-order?

Yes, when setting up your menus, in your “pre-orders” admin section, at the bottom you can tick what auto-reminders you want set up based on the number of days before the booking.

Can I add a surcharge to an item if I have a fixed price menu? 

Yes, you can. Once you create your menu you can then determine whether it is a 'Fixed Price' or not and then you will have the option to add a surcharge on particular items. 

I manage 5 venues, can I make one menu and copy it over to the other sites?

Yes. Go to Settings > Venue Group > Pre Orders. You can add the items there and create multiple menus. Once you've saved your changes, go to Settings > Venues > click on on a venue and go to the 'Pre Orders' section. Scroll down to the end of the item list and click 'Add from Venue Group'. Select which menu and copy selected items! 

Using Collins Pre-Orders:

Can I send multiple menus to one customer?

Yes, you can add as many menus as you want before sending a pre-order to a customer.

Can I request a fixed amount from the customer as a deposit?

Yes. If you just want to take a fixed deposit amount + the pre-order, before sending, select “fixed amount” from the Payment Required drop-down, then select the amount. Click Save.

Can I request a certain percentage of the pre-order as a deposit?

Yes. If you just want to take a percentage amount of the pre-order, before sending, select “% of total” in the Payment Required drop-down, then select the %. Save.

If I make a mistake on the amount of payment I require can I reset the links?

Yes, you can re-select any drop-down or amount/percentage, then click save. These changes will automatically change the pre-order links that the customer receives.

What is the difference between “lead booker” and “group members” making the payment?

Lead booker is the person who is your main booking contact. Selecting them making the payment will allow all their colleagues/friends to select their items to pre-order and then the lead booker will make the payment for all their colleagues/friends. “Group members” means that everyone who adds to the pre-order will have to pay at the point of adding. Once everyone has added and paid, the lead booker will submit the pre-order back to you.

Why are there two links provided for one pre-order?

The lead booker’s link will collate everyone in the group’s pre-orders for the lead booker to see who has ordered and what. It also contains the button to submit the pre-order back to you, as complete. The group member’s link is where all friends/colleagues add their pre-order to the overall order.            

Do I get notified when a pre-order is complete?

Yes. There is a “pre-orders complete” notification in your Notification Centre. As soon as the lead booker submits their pre-order, you will get a notification in there.

Do I have to take a payment when collecting a pre-order?

No. You can select “None” when setting up a customer’s pre-order which will collect the pre-order items for you, fully collated back into Collins when complete with no payment. You can then contact the customer to collect the payment as you wish.

Can I customize the pre-order email that gets sent to the customer?

Yes, you can set up a pre-defined message in your email settings. When you come to send the pre-order email to your customer, you will be taken to your normal email section within Collins where you can then select your pre-defined message.

If a pre-order is complete and you need to collect another pre-order can you re-set the pre-order links?

Once a pre-order is complete, you can untick the "Customer marked pre-order as complete” box in the booking's Pre-order tab, remove the menus you had sent previously and add a new menu with new rules and send that again to the customer. Or if it is the same menu you can just re-send the same links once you have unticked the "Customer marked pre-order as complete" box + SAVE and re-send to the customer. The system will know what has already been paid so will only charge for the new items added.

Can I see live updates of a customer’s pre-order?

Yes. Whenever a colleague/friend adds to the pre-order, the pre-orders section within the booking will update in live time, even before the lead booker has marked it as complete.  The “Customer marked pre-order as complete” box will remain unticked until completed by the lead booker.

Does all the information pull through to the function sheet?

Yes. The items ordered, who ordered them, time of service and allergies will all pull through to the function sheet automatically.

Can I see the pre-order items ordered for a night, for the kitchen and waiting staff?

Yes. In your Reports section in Collins. Click “Pre Orders list” in the left-hand control panel and then select the dates you want. You can then download the pre-orders into excel to filter and send to the kitchen. For a daily pre-order report, go to the Diary page, click Download/Print in the top right-hand corner and select Kitchen Sheet. To get a Weekly pre-orders list, go to Reports and click on Weekly Pre-orders in the Weekly Overview.



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