Booking Types - Restricting the number of covers that can be booked at certain times

If you want to restrict the number of covers that can be booked per half hour, perhaps to not overload the kitchen, and/or save tables for walk-ins, you can restrict how many covers the system can be auto-confirmed in between certain slots.

  • Settings

  • Venues and choose the venue

  • Booking Types > click on the relevant booking type

  • Scroll down to "Limit arrivals"

  • You can set up an individual rule by selecting ‘Add Limit’ > select to set this rule either as a 'Weekday' or a specific 'Date', then add the time range and number you want to restrict it too   


  • If you have a consistent rule throughout service, you can select ‘Add Multiple Limits’ to do this quickly and a pop-up window will appear to ‘generate cover limits’. From here you can:

> select the weekday(s) this rule should apply

> the time range you want to set the intervals for

> the interval

> how many covers per time slot

  • Select ‘Generate’

  • Once the rules have been added, make sure to SAVE  

    Alternatively, you can copy rules from another Booking Type, by selecting the 'Copy from type' button. This will copy over existing limits from a selected booking type. To do this:

    • Select the 'Copy from type' button

    • Select the booking type you wish to copy the limits from

    • Save


      If you'd like to set this up so that only a certain amount of covers can be auto confirmed within the whole venue, go to:

      • Settings

      • Venues > choose the venue

      • Limit Arrivals section on the left-hand side panel

      • Set your rule(s) individually by selecting ‘Add Limit’ or you can use the ‘Add Multiple Limits’ as detailed above

      • Make sure to SAVE the page  


      To see a video tutorial on limiting arrivals, please click here and watch from 00:00 - 02:15.  

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