Within a Booking/Enquiry - Tag a booking with a Source (3rd Party, Over The Phone, From Email etc...)

If you want to mark whether a booking enquiry has come from an email or over the phone or via a third-party source you can create Sources to mark the enquiry/booking with.


Go to Settings

> Venue Group

> Bookings

> Booking Sources

> Add Another

> Add "Over The Phone" and "Email" as two new Booking Sources (you can also add any third parties you work with)

> Make sure to SAVE the page.


When you add the enquiry to Collins, in the customers booking details screen, the "Source" drop-down box will pull through all the sources you have added in your admin, with which you can tag your bookings.  

In your Enquiries download, you will see a "Source" column if you want to analyse your sources of bookings

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