General Information - Venue Tags

If you have multiple venues across your estate that are divided up into sections such as regions, brand or ops manager, you will be able to use the ‘Venue Tags’ functionality to label each venue and group them together to report on.

Tags are completely customisable - they can be labelled as anything that works for you and once your venues have been tagged, you can then filter down your venues for reporting.

Venue Tags are set up at Venue Group level.

Once these have been set, you can then apply them to the Venue within General information section.

You can add multiple tags to a venue, e.g. Country, County, Town.

Once the labels have been applied these can then be used when filtering within the Enquiries page and in the Reports section!

On the Enquiries page, you can filter by Venue Tags to bring up the booking data for just those venues. You can either filter by one tag, or multiple tags, depending on the data you want to pull.  

Within the reports section, you have the option to filter down by the tags in the following reports:

 To see a video tutorial on venue tags, please click here. 

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