Venue Group - Venue Tags

Here you can set up tags which you can apply to venues - this is very useful if you have sub-sections of venues, or you want to be able to differentiate between locations, areas, managers etc. To add tags, go to:

  • Settings

  • Venue Group

  • Venue Tags tab on the left-hand side

  • Click add tag > add a name and choose a colour

  • Make sure to always SAVE the page 


You can add as many tags as you want, and set these with different colours to show which are part of the same set.

Once tags are added, to assign it to a venue, go to:

  • Settings

  • Venues > Select the venue

  • General information tab on the left-hand side

  • In the Tag field, click ADD TAG > select the relevant tags that apply to the venue

  • Make sure to always SAVE the page  


Venue tags can be really useful when filtering the Enquiries page and in the reports section, you have the option to filter down by the tags in the following reports:

 To see a video tutorial on venue tags, please click here. 

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