Collins Widget Wizard - Styling the Widget

You can use our Widget Wizard to customise the colours of the widget (so that they better suit your branding).

To customise the colours of the widget and generate the respective widget code:

  • Settings

  • Venues

  • select your venue name

  • Booking Widget & Links

  • Widget Wizard

  • Scroll down to How do you want to style the widget?

  • Click Tweak Colours

  • You will be able to update the colours of the following sections of the widget:

> Background Colour

> Primary Colour

> Text Colour

  • To update the colour of a section, click on the respective colour:

  • This will open up colour options:

  • Select your desired colour

  • Click OK


  • The widget wizard will automatically change colour (so that you can see how it looks):

  • The widget code in the shaded grey box will automatically update to set selected colours.

  • Once you're happy with how the widget looks, copy the full widget code and send to your web developer.

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