Reports- Setting Customised Run Sheet Default Options

To set up what sections are automatically included in your customised run-sheet for one venue in your venue group, go to

>Settings >Venues >Select the venue name >Reports >Tick ‘Override venue group settings’

The options selected here will automatically default what appears on your customised run sheet.

  • Open enquiries

  • Unassigned

  • Guest list

  • Phone

  • Booking Reference

  • Source

  • Company

  • Customer Requests

  • Custom field (if applicable)

  • Labels

  • Run sheet notes

  • Pre-orders

  • Payments

  • Guest list names

  • Empty tables

  • Dietary Requirements

  • Booking set up requirements

Please see more information on the standard default tick boxes here.

You can also set this at Venue Group level. 

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