Booking Types - Creating a Booking type from a template

To start setting up your booking type, go to:

  • Settings

  • Venues

  • Choose Your Venue

  • Booking types

  • Add Booking type

You will then get a pop-up asking you to add a booking type name and then select how you want to create the booking type:

  • Blank -  which means you will need to set up all the booking type parameters manually. Please see a helpful guide here.

  • Or Template - which means you can create a booking type from a pre-existing template


Once you select Template, you will see the different types of venues and booking types suitable for those venue types. You can choose booking types typical for a:


  • PUB

  • BAR

  • CLUB

  • GROUP BOOKINGS(for those using Collins for larger enquiries only)

Choose a booking type that is most suitable to your venue by clicking on it and then ADD BOOKING TYPE:

The booking type will the be copied over to your settings with all the parameters filled in for you to use as a base:

PLEASE NOTE - all the parameters added are based on an example venue, so make sure to go sense check each section to see whether the parameters would apply to your venue including:

  • Make sure to amend the EMAIL templates and check whether you would like automated confirmation and cancellation emails

  • Availability - check all earliest and latest booking times, min and max durations and min and max enquiry size + booking policy

  • Auto-confirm rules - if you decide to keep the rules - make sure to add AREAS FOR THIS BOOKING TYPES for the feature to work

  • Customer Payments -  check this section as some templates have been set up with card details or deposits at the point of booking

You can copy multiple booking types one after the other.

Make sure to SAVE your progress.

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