Booking URL Generator

If you are unable to add the Collins booking widget to your website, it’s possible for you to include a booking URL instead. You will also be able to easily use the booking link in your newsletters/marketing to your customers.

You can access the booking link in the Booking Widget & Links section of your Settings:

> Venues

> Select venue

> Booking Widget & Links

> Booking URL Generator

By default, without setting any parameters, the URL that displays in the shaded grey field will direct to a booking form that lists all available booking types at the venue.

DO NOTE: Only Booking Types that have 'Can Book' ticked in Availability for at least one day of the week will automatically display on this form. If the Booking Type doesn't have a day(s) ticked as 'Can Book' the booking type is taken for Internal use only and so will not appear on the form.

Fixing specific booking parameters

You will have the flexibility to fix specific parameters of your booking URL. This is particularly useful if you have lots of booking types set up and you want to direct your customers to book a specific booking type. For example, if you are sending out a newsletter for NYE and want to direct customers to a booking link that only displays your NYE booking type.

You are able to fix as many of the following booking parameters on your booking URL:

  • Booking Type

  • Date

  • Start Time

  • Duration

  • Number of Guests

Note: it is not required to select any additional parameters. You can set multiple parameters at the same time.

It’s important that the parameters that you fix on your booking link match the settings of your booking types. For example, if your booking types have been set to have the Earliest Start time of 9 pm, you should not fix the Start Time field on your booking link to be before 9 pm.


If you have added an NYE booking type that is only available on 31st December and starts at 7 pm, you could fix the booking type, date and time on the booking link.

Customers clicking on the link would be directed to a form like this (with pre-populated values):

Fixing all the booking parameters  

If you have fixed all the booking parameters on your URL, customers clicking on the link will be directed straight to the second iframe and will not be prompted to select any parameters. They will see something like this:

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