Reports - Booking Overview Calendar - Monthly View

The Bookings Overview Monthly Calendar gives you an amazing analysis of in-progress enquiries for the month as well as those bookings that have been confirmed. This detailed report will allow you and your team to really drill down on spaces that are booked as well those that have pending enquiries in which need chasing.

Explaining the calendar

> Using the drop-down at the top right corner of the page, you can set how the report displays based on your preference. This includes;

  • Heads - The number of covers that are in progress/confirmed

  • Bookings - the number of open enquiries/bookings

  • Value - the monetary value as explained here


> The time sessions default as illustrated in the below screenshot:


However, you can change these using the Column button at the top left of the page. If you’ve changed the set time sessions as they differ to the below, you can simply bookmark the URL on your browser to easily refer back to. You can also untick a time column if it doesn’t apply to - for example, if you only trade in the evening, by unticking the first two time columns, you’re only seeing your hours of trading:  

> The report will default to all venues that your user account has access to, but you can determine which venues you’d like to see/include by using the Venue button at the top left of the page. There is also a quick-select/deselect option:

> If your venues have Zones set up, you’ll be able to drill this report down even further to see how many bookings, heads or monetary amount are placed within each zone. Great for seeing what your popular areas are and also quickly checking what availability you have on key dates. Please note that if you’ve selected specific venues, only the zones of those venues will appear:

> There is also the ability to add as many Filters as you like - these are the same as the filters you would see in the Enquiries Page and are explained here. Again, this can be used to really zoom in on your booking data, where your bookings/enquiries are being placed etc. It also gives you a great overview to be able to check in on those you’re awaiting something on, for example, a deposit or a pre-order:

> If you hover over the in-progress/confirmed number depicted in the month overview, it will show you the amount for each of the toggles.

> All of this data is hyperlinked, so by clicking on the number in the calendar, you’ll be brought to the bookings/enquiries list in the Enquiries page. The same applies to the dates. There is a ‘DOWNLOAD’ button at the top right of the page also which will download your results into an excel spreadsheet:

Please note that in progress figures will not appear for any previous dates, as the enquiries would have been changed to the status of ‘LOST’.

If you would like to find more information on our Weekly Overview Report - please see this article 

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