Venue Group - Enquiries

As well as a Collins booking widget, your web developer can create and personalise your own Contact Us/General Enquiry form which will feed into Collins as a new enquiry.

Here’s an example of a partner with a customised enquiry form: No. 4 Clifton Village.

On your form, you will be able to use both Standard Collins Booking Fields and your own Custom Enquiry Fields (which you will create in Collins).  

Standard Collins Booking Fields

The standard Collins booking fields are as follows:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Company

  • Venue

  • Booking Type

  • Guests

  • Date

  • Time

  • Until

Important: do not add any of the above standard booking fields as custom enquiry fields.  

This way, any customer responses to your Standard Collins Booking fields will display within the Booking Details section of the Collins enquiry (as your usual enquiries display).   

Custom Enquiry Fields

If you wish to add any custom fields to your form (for example, to allow your customer to leave a general message), the first step will be for you to add all the custom enquiry fields within Collins.

Any customer responses to your custom enquiry fields will display in a new Enquiry Details section of your Collins enquiry/booking.

How to add a new custom enquiry field:

1. Go to Settings > Venue Group > Enquiries

2. Tick the box ‘Enable Enquiries’

3. In Enquiry Fields section, click to ‘Add a Field’

4. You will then have to add the following details:

Field Label - once you have added the Field Label, the Field Name will auto-populate.

Field Type - select from the drop-down the type of field (eg Free Text, Yes/No, Pick One etc).   

5. Click SAVE

Once all the Enquiry Fields have been added, please let your Collins Account Manager know and introduce them to your web developer.

To see a video overview on Venue Group - Enquiries, please click here and watch from 03:16 - 03:32.  

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