Bookings are closed on the widget but I don’t know why?

If bookings are closed on the widget and you’re not sure why, you can use the ‘Test booking rules’ section within the ‘Help’ tab. To use this go to:


>Test Booking Rules

Here you can enter the parameters for the booking you are trying to make, and it will give you the reasons as to why this can/can’t be accepted.

Here are some of the main reasons bookings may be closed on the widget:

  1. Restrict advance bookings

Within your booking types, you can set up how many days in advance a customer is able to book. For example, if this is set to 1 day, they will only be able to make a booking for today.

If the message on your widget says ‘Only bookable up to XX’, this is an indication that you have a restrict advance bookings rule set up.

This is what the ‘Resctrict Advance Bookings’ pop up message would look like in the old V1 DesignMyNight widget (Picture 1) and in the new V2 DesignMyNight Widget (Picture 2).

2. Booking type availability.

Check to make sure that the day you are looking for is ticked as ‘Can book’. If the availability section looks correct, make sure to check override dates to see if anything has been added that could have close the date.

3. Opening Times

Are the opening times correct? Are there any override dates that may be closing off the date?

4. Unavailable Dates

To check the closed dates, scroll down to ‘Close Bookings’. Make sure to check each section to see if you have any dates closed here. If you’d like to remove a closed date, simply use the red cross to delete it, and then SAVE.


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