Pre-orders - Setting Automated Reminder Emails

For Collins Pre-orders customers, when you send out a pre-order link to a customer, you can set the system up to automatically send out reminder emails to them. This can be set up to remind them 45, 30, 21, 14, 10, 7, 3 and 1 day before their booking.

To set this up, go to:

  • Settings

  • Venues > select the venue

  • Pre-orders tab on the left-hand side

  • Scroll down to Pre-Order Reminders

  • Tick which reminder you would like to send out. You can also leave a customised message here that will be added to the reminder email.

  • Make sure to SAVE the page

NOTE - these reminders will be sent out for all types of menus, so important to make them fairly generic eg about your cancellation policy or venue's contact details.


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