Collins Pre-Orders - Kitchen Sheet

If you have any bookings/enquiries with Pre-orders, you can 'Download/Print' a Kitchen Sheet to get an overview of all items pre-ordered per booking and a total overview of items ordered for the whole day. This can be printed off at any time leading up to the booking and so can be used to give the kitchen team a heads up on what has been ordered a week / 5 days / 1 day ahead.

You can access your Kitchen Sheet from your Diary or Run Sheet section > Download/Print button in the top right-corner > Kitchen Sheet.


A pop-up window will appear where you can choose:

> Date - the date will default to the date you are currently on, or this can be amended

> Bookings - all pre-orders for Confirmed bookings will automatically be included in the Kitchen Sheet and then you have the option to include pre-orders taken from In Progress enquiries

> Time - you can amend the time for a certain time period i.e. for Lunch, I could set this to 12- 4 pm, so I only get a list of the Items ordered for my lunch period. Or keep it as Open to Close, to view all items ordered for the whole day


The Kitchen Sheet displays a breakdown of all Bookings with Pre-orders, as below:

> Type - when adding pre-order items to Collins, you can allocate a Sub-Type to any food items - see the guide.

> Items - all individual items and the Quantity will display in Columns B & C

> Time - when recording any pre-booked items on a booking, you can select a Time that the group would like this item for - see guide. There are a variety of food subtype options to cover all your pre-order food items. These are Canapé, Bowl Food, Amuse Bouche, Starter, Palate Cleanser, Main, Side dish, Dessert, Cheese course, Brunch, Snack and Tapas.

 > For - when recording any pre-booked items on a booking/when customers are placing their orders via Collins Pre-orders, 'Names' can be associated with an order.

> Dietary Requirements - you'll be notified of any Guests who have noted Dietary Requirements


Report Item Summary - At bottom of the Kitchen Sheet there is a final overview of all items ordered for that day and a quantity count (where indicated in red). The itemised list is broken down by Sub Type (where indicated in green).


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