Collins Pre-Orders - Dietary Requirements and Allergies [What your customer sees]

Within your Pre-Order settings, you have the ability to determine what each item is suitable for in regards to an allergy or a dietary requirement. You can even provide alternatives, should you be able to accommodate them in your dishes.

This means that when a customer orders from your menus, they will see an allergy abbreviation key at the top of the page.

And under each item name, the Allergies/Dietary Requirements that are listed as associated with that item will be in brackets:

> When the customer then selects 'Add Dietary Requirements', they will have the option of selecting a type of Diet, or from the Allergies list:

> And when they select a Diet Type, all items that are not suitable to that Diet Type will have the abbreviation highlighted underneath the item name.

In this example, I have chosen Vegetarian as a Diet Type:


> And when an Allergen is selected, all items that have that allergen assigned will be shaded out and the allergen highlighted:

In the below example, I have chosen Nuts as an allergen:

> If alternatives are available, they will be highlighted under the item name.

In this example, I have selected 'Milk' as an allergy. The Leek Pie has milk in it, which should make it disappear from the list, but I can see that there are alternatives available.


When the item is then selected, the alternatives stated will pop up for the customer to choose from:


> This will then be added to their emails, and be sent back into your Collins system. Dietary Requirements, Allergies and alternatives will all be visible in your pre-order reports, function sheets and run sheets.

> If no items on the menu match the dietary requirement(s) that the customer has selected, there will be a message to make them aware of this.


Please note, if dietary requirements and allergens have not been set up in your admin, the message will not show.

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