Collins Pre-Orders - Dietary Requirements/Allergies [How to add]

It’s a very simple process for your customers to add any dietary requirements/allergies they might have to their order.

From a customer point of view - after opening the link sent to them, this box appears at the top of the order summary called ADD DIETARY REQIREMENTS:

Once this is chosen, a pop-up will appear where the customer will be able to tick the relevant boxes which apply to them. If ordering for multiple people, the customer simply clicks on the name of the person in the list to record their chosen requirement/allergy.

Further to this, at the next stage of the booking, the customer can add in any extra comments, using the 'Add notes about your order' box.


Once their order has been submitted they will receive a summary email of the items they have just ordered as well as a list of any dietary requirements submitted.

From a Collins user point of view - When a pre-order has been received, the dietary requirements will appear in the pre-order section of that booking. By clicking on the ‘Edit’ button, you can add/remove or change existing requirements and once this is completed, select ‘Done’ and then save.

All dietary requirements will automatically pull through to the Food Sheet and can easily be added to both the Function Sheet and the Customised Run Sheet.

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