Invoicing - Setting Up Invoicing Details Per Venue

If you have multiple venues and your VAT/Company Details are different per site, you can set up the information that will be displayed on your Invoice/VAT receipts at venue level.

To do this, go to
  • Settings
  • Venues
  • Click on the venue you'd like to set this up for
  • Invoicing & Contracts
  • Company Settings
  • Select 'Use custom company information'

Here you can configure the extra details that will appear on your Invoices. You'll fill out your company details at the top of the page, please note you will need to fill out all fields for invoicing to work:

Just underneath the company details, you have the option to insert any footer notes. This is very useful to relay any payment terms and conditions, bank transfers details and so on. They will then automatically appear at the bottom of every invoice that is generated in Collins for that venue.

If you would like to copy the venue group settings (details on how to setup invoicing at a venue group level can be found here), simply click the button just underneath the Footer Notes and it will auto-fill the details set up at venue group level. Once you're done, click SAVE  

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