Collins Pay - Adding Payment/Authentication templates

You can set up payment and authentication request templates to quickly insert into the email sent out when you add a Request Payment / Request Authentication. This is a great time-saver tool as you won't have to write out the same message each time you request a payment or authentication. The template will be added on to the already existing message that Collins generates.

To add templates, go to:

  • Settings > Venues

  • Select your venue

  • Payments tab on the left-hand side

  • Under Payment Request Messages

  • Tick 'Use custom payment request messages'

  • Click Add Another and name the template and add text

  • Make sure to SAVE the settings    

  • You can also hyperlink text by highlighting the word/sentence. This will bring up a pop-up toolbar of options > select '#' > enter the URL > select the 'tick' to confirm. Useful for linking to your full T&Cs, should they be on a webpage somewhere else.

  • You can use the arrows to re-order the templates and the red 'X' to remove any templates

  • Make sure to SAVE the settings  after making changes   


Please note: For groups with more than 1 venue, you can create Payment Request Templates in your Venue Group - Follow this guide.

Once create at Venue Group Level - you can either:

> Use payment request messages from the Venue Group

> Or COPY FROM VENUE GROUP to add to venue-specific ones

To see a video tutorial on adding payment/authentication templates, please click here and watch from 00:30 - 01:21.


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