Account - How to reset your password

If you’ve forgotten, lost or do not know the password associated with your user login, it is very simple to reset the password. On the login page ( at the bottom left-hand corner of the page, click on the ‘Forgot password?’ and you will be brought through to a new page to reset.   

Fill in the email address you are trying to sign in with and a password reset link will be then sent to that email address.

Due to different email filters, please check your spam inbox in case the automatic email containing the new password is filtered here. Please note that due to data protection, Design My Night cannot manually reset or send out new passwords.

Once signed in with the new password provided in the email, you can change the password by clicking on the ‘Me’ button in the top right-hand corner and navigating to ‘My Account’.  

Please also have a look through our training video on resetting passwords here.

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