Venue Group - Pre-Orders

Similar to the ‘venue’ level, pre-orders can also be added to a group. This is particularly useful if your estate of venues offers the same items/menus. Any item or package you would like to make available for customers to pre-order should be added in this section.    

  • Settings
  • Venue Group
  • Pre-orders Tab
  • Click “Add Another”
  • In the pop-up, you should add the ‘Name’ of the item, the ‘Type’, the ‘Subtype’ (if a food option), the ‘Price’ and finally the ‘Description’.  Please note The item name should be kept brief. Any descriptive elements should be placed in the ‘description’ section mainly because if using the place card function, problems with sizing will arise if using long title descriptions in the ‘Name’ section.
  • You can also add diet types, allergies and extra settings to each pre-order item. Please see our how-to guide here.
  • Make sure to SAVE the page  


> You can move the items around to change the order using the Drag and Drop function:


> Within the individual venue settings, choose ‘Use items from venue group’. Go to Settings > Venues > Select the Venue > Pre-orders tab on the left-hand side:

> Items can also be copied to individual venues from the Venue Group.  Go to Settings > Venues > Select the Venue > Pre-orders tab on the left-hand side > tick Use Custom Items > Add From Venue Group:


> Then tick which items you want to add and click COPY SELECTED ITEMS:  


These options will then display on a drop-down menu in your Pre-order section and can be added manually to each booking/enquiry and paid for using the payment section (if using Collins Pay).


If interested in using the bolt-on Collins Pre-Orders, to create your Menus in the system which customers can place their orders through, please refer to the video for all the details.

To activate Collins Pre-Order, please contact your Collins account manager or email

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