Reports - Type Breakdown Report

The Type Breakdown report shows you the total cover count per booking type and total pre-booked value defaulting to the past month, showing only Confirmed bookings.

You can change the dates to pull up to a year's worth of data and update the search, Collins will then show you the number of completed covers + how much value this equals to between this time. This will include walk-ins by default.


The longer you use Collins, the more date ranges you can pull.

If you have multiples venues in your Venue Group, at the top you will always be shown TOTALS across all your venues, then if you scroll down, you will be able to see the figures for each individual venue in the group.

You can also 'Compare Dates' to see month on month, day by day and even year on year comparison! To do this click ADD FILTER next to the Booking date > Compare dates > enter a date range > click Apply

If you're wondering what the values represent, by default Collins will use the 'value' (average spend per head) entered in your booking types. Then if a payment, pre-order and/or minimum spend is entered, Collins will take whichever is the highest amount. If after the booking you enter an Actual Spend, it will take that.

Please note, the value column in this report doesn't show any pence. The decimal places have been trimmed to make the report easier to read. However, once you download the report into excel, you can see the value to the pence.  

As well as comparing the dates there are also the options to:

  • Exclude walk-ins - This will filter out any bookings with the 'walk-in' option ticked and thus considered to be a walk-in

  • Exclude auto-confirm bookings - Any auto-confirm bookings received will be filtered out

  • Venue Tags - This allows you to filter down the report by venue tags if you’ve set these up.  


  If needed, the report can be downloaded in Excel or printed in a PDF format in the top right corner.

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