1. Troubleshooting - How Do I Clear My Browser History/Cache?

  2. Troubleshooting - How to clear your browser history/cache [VIDEO]

  3. Troubleshooting - Having issues with the system on a specific device

  4. Troubleshooting - If you think Collins is down, not loading or working as usual? - Troubleshooting Tips to action

  5. Troubleshooting - How to take a screenshot of the Console

  6. Troubleshooting - How to take a screenshot of the console [VIDEO]

  7. Troubleshooting - Something not looking right? Here's how you raise an issue with our team

  8. Troubleshooting - Why does my DesignMyNight page say: ‘We are currently not taking online bookings?’

  9. Collins Support - How to contact, knowledge resources and troubleshooting advice

  10. Daily usage - Dashboard - Service Status - where to check for issues within the system

  11. Daily usage - Help! I’ve accidentally closed bookings for the day on the Dashboard. How do I reopen?

  12. Daily usage - It Says: ‘This Booking Is Out of Date. Refresh’

  13. Daily usage - Email Delivery issues - Notifications and things to note

  14. Daily usage - Our confirmation emails are not being received!

  15. Daily usage - Attachments are not opening on the customer’s side

  16. Daily usage - How to remove a future booking from the waitlist

  17. Daily usage - Why aren’t all my labels showing?

  18. Daily usage - Why are my bookings going straight to ‘left’ when I check them in?

  19. Top Tips - Collins Spec Sheet

  20. Top Tips - Collins Supported Browsers

  21. Top Tips - Night Mode

  22. Top Tips - Collins Domains

  23. Top Tips - GDPR in Collins

  24. Venue Settings - Bookings are closed on the widget but I don’t know why?

  25. Venue Settings - Testing your booking type rules

  26. Venue Settings - Testing your booking type rules [VIDEO]

  27. Venue Settings - The time on my Diary view does not start on the hour

  28. Venue Settings - I’ve added another Booking Type but it’s not appearing on the widget on our DesignMyNight page?

  29. Pre-orders - Customer is unable to access the Menus. Can I reopen the Pre-order link?

  30. Pre-orders - I’m trying to add items to my menus but they’re not appearing in the Pre Orders drop-down list

  31. Pre-orders - Pre-order link says: 'This booking is not eligible for pre-orders.'

  32. Collins Pay/Auth - How do I unauthenticate a card?

  33. Collins Pay/Auth - I’ve set up customer payments to automatically take a deposit at the point of booking but it’s not working

  34. Collins Pay/Auth - When entering their card details, a customer has received an incorrect postcode message but they’re saying it’s correct. What do we do?

  35. Collins Pay/Auth - Refunding a customer when they have a new bank card

  36. Collins Pay/Auth - Customer is saying they have been charged twice. How do I check this?

  37. Collins Pay/Auth - The customer says they’ve been charged £1

  38. Collins Pay/Auth - Why am I not getting an alert in the Notification centre when a payment is made

  39. Collins Pay/Auth - Why doesn’t the payment record display any card details?

  40. Collins Pay/Auth - What happens if my customer emails me with their card details?

  41. Collins Pay/Auth - The customer can see on their app that payment has been taken, but we never received it?

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