Booking Types - Setting up an auto-confirm only booking type

To set up a booking type that is only going to be auto-confirmed:
  • Go to Settings > Venues > Your venue > Booking Types
  • Click 'Add booking type'
  • In the Availability section - enter the Max enquiry size; make this the same as the max booking size you are happy to be auto-confirmed
  • Then scroll down to the Auto-confirm rules section
  • Click Add Another
  • Tick all days that this booking type is available on and enter in the same Max guests here as you did for Max enquiry size in the Availability section.
  • Do not tick 'still take enquiries for bookings if no available areas found' (this will allow enquiries to still come in for this booking type).
  • Below this, under Areas for this Booking Type, you must list all tables and areas you are happy for this booking type to be assigned to by Collins. 
  • Click SAVE to create this booking type.

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