Booking Types - Setting up an auto-confirm only booking type

To set up a booking type that is only going to be auto-confirmed:

  • Go to Settings > Venues > Your venue > Booking Types

  • Click 'Add booking type' > you can set up a blank booking type or use one of our premade templates

  • In the Availability section - enter the Max enquiry size; make this the same as the max booking size you are happy to be auto-confirmed

  • Then scroll down to the Auto-confirm rules section

  • Click Add Another

  • Tick all days that this booking type is available on and enter in the same Max guests here as you did for Max enquiry size in the Availability section.

  • Do not tick 'still take enquiries for bookings if no available areas found' if you would like this to ONLY take bookings. If you are full and you'd be happy for Collins to give the customer the option to still enquire for that date/time, tick this box  

  • Below this, under Areas for this Booking Type, you must list all tables and areas you are happy for this booking type to be assigned to by Collins. Use the 'Edit Areas' button and click 'Done' when all appropriate tables have been added.  

  • Click SAVE to create this booking type.

To get the most out of your settings you may wish to also consider completing the following sections:

  • Emails - enter a Booking Confirmed Message and tick the two boxes to enable Automatic Confirmation and Automatic Cancellation (this will make taking bookings internally a more efficient process)

  • Limit Arrivals - you can stagger your bookings throughout the day to ensure you don't have too many bookings arriving at the same time

  • Customer Payments - you can take Card Details from the customer at the point of booking to aid against no shows and late cancellations. You may only want to enable this for larger groups.  

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