Reports - Weekly and Monthly Overview

Your weekly report shows you how busy you are combined across all your services (morning, afternoon, evening). It combines the number of services you have, based on opening time, to work out your total capacity, which is divided by the total number of covers in for the whole day.

The services are fixed to:

  • 7am-12pm - Morning

  • 12pm-4pm - Afternoon

  • 4pm-Until close - Evening

A booking may be counted in more than one session if it spans these times. The progress bar shows your current bookings against the total capacity in all three sessions. 

  • RED = (Below 40%) Not very busy

  • YELLOW = (Between 40 and 75%) Quite busy

  • GREEN = (75%+) Very busy/At Capacity

You can click on the day to be taken to that page in your diary and see the bookings you have coming in.

The ‘Bookings by zone’ is below the week view. This is useful for bigger venues with lots of different zones to quickly give an overview of what sized groups are in which zones at which times.

You also have a "Month View" that can be found by click on the last tab at the top of the weekly report. This will break down your capacities into the individual sessions. You also can use the filter button in this view to filter the report by Zone.

Please note that if the 'Max Seated' column in your Tables/Areas settings isn’t filled out, these Overviews will appear blank.  

Please note: This report does not include booking types ticked as a Guestlist.  

Watch this video for more information on your weekly and monthly overview reports.  

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