Reports - Week's Pre-Orders Report

If you want a quick overview of what needs to be ordered in terms of stock, you can access a week's pre-orders report by going to:

  • Reports

  • Under Overview

  • Click on Weeks Pre Orders button


This will download a list of pre-orders that have been added to each booking for the chosen week into EXCEL. This list will pull from the week that is displayed in the Weekly Overview.

Here you'll be able to see what needs to be ordered, whether the booking is In Progress or Complete (so you can hold off on orders if the enquiry is still being worked on), whether there are any package notes and specific dietary requirements.  

If you or your chef would like to see what needs to be ordered for the week, you can either download our Kitchen Sheet per day or structure the data you have here by creating a pivot table.

To manipulate this data into total orders for the week:

> select 'Insert' (top left) in the excel document, then select on 'Pivot Table'.  

> Highlight the whole spreadsheet using your mouse, and you'll see the range you've selected in the pop up on your screen

> Once you've done that, it should bring you to the second sheet and on the right side of the page you'll see the different fields you've highlighted.

> To see a simple list of what has been ordered and how much of it, drag the 'Package' field into the 'Rows' section and the 'Quantity' field into 'Values'.

> This should then look like so in your excel sheet. You can add any additional fields using the same process too, but at its most simple form, it tells your chef what needs to be ordered

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