Users - User permissions explained and how to change them

To check your user permissions, head to Settings > Users (if you cannot see this option, please contact your key user to review your permissions)


When adding a new user in Collins, you can determine what type of user they will be and what kind of access they will have to the system. To start assigning permissions click EDIT next to the relevant user:


Overall there are three types of users:

> Read-Only User: This user can add walk-ins, change the status of bookings in live service (arrived/seated/left etc) and change the number of actual guests when checking in bookings, only. They cannot manage enquiries, move bookings around tables or deal with any bookings that aren't for "today".

> Restricted User: Has the same access as the 'Read-Only User' and can only add bookings as per the Booking Type Availability parameters. Restricted Users can add and 'Take' enquiries in Collins, plus confirm bookings up to a certain amount of people - which is determined in your venue admin and send them a confirmation email. They cannot add payments or pre-orders in enquiries nor download any data or see any reports.

> Bookings Manager: Everything restricted user can do + confirm any size bookings and view basic reports, take payment and pre-orders. Bookings Managers can also close bookings for the same day from the Collins Dashboard. Once set up as a 'Bookings Manager", the following extra permissions can be added:

  • Advanced Reports - View all reports including those with customer data and payments

  • Download Reports - Download all reports including those with customer data and payments. This option will only appear when 'Advanced Reports' is ticked.

  • Manage Booking Rules - Change your booking rules and Collins settings

  • Manage Venue Details - Manage your DesignMyNight venue page [marketing]

  • Manage Permissions - Be able to add users to Collins and change the permissions of users

  • View Customers - View the customer database but not download any customer data (this includes the Enquiries page download).

  • Download Customers - Can view and download the customer database. The enquiries page download will also include customer data

  • Manage Refunds - Can refund a payment

  • Delete Bookings - Can delete bookings/enquiries from the system



GDPR: If you are wondering what access different users will have to your customer database and what permissions they should have, please see our table below on what they will see/download based on the access they have

EG: 1. - If Bookings Manager + 'Advanced Reports' & 'Download Reports' are ticked - that user will download Reports and the Enquiry CSV without any customer information. They won't be able to access or download the Customer section

2. - If Bookings Manager + 'Advanced Reports', 'Download Reports' & 'View Customers' are ticked - that user will download Reports and the Enquiry CSV without any customer information and be able to view the Customer section.

Within the User section, you can also quickly filter by names or venues to find users quickly.


Those users that have "Manage Permissions" can also download all their users and their permissions at the top of the "User" page, so you can quickly filter by what venues have what users, for your own internal admin/audits.

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