Christmas - Make Collins Work For You!

1. Protect yourself against no-shows

Use Collins Pay to easily take deposits/card authentication to secure against no shows. Don’t lose out and let tables go empty; take deposits securely online or over the phone and have the payment marked directly against the booking.

2. Don’t just shut down your booking widget or booking types and say ‘call or e-mail us’. Use Collins’ flexibility to capture the enquiries/bookings:

A. Create bespoke Christmas Booking types.

  • Specific Dates

  • Specific Rules

  • Specific Booking Policies

  • Restrict Auto-Confirm & more enquiry-led

Not only is having these separate booking types great for the customer but it makes it easier for you to keep track of your bookings/enquiries and will give you more accurate Christmas reporting (more on that later). Click here to find out how to add and edit booking types.

B. Restrict auto-confirm on your non-christmas booking types.

Rather than turning off your non-Christmas booking types, why not restrict the auto-confirm rules and set them as enquiry only, just for the Christmas period! So you can still get the enquiry and try and convert it.

Learn how to override booking types in this guide.

For the booking types you wish to make enquiry only, simply enter override dates eg 28th November - 23rd December, with auto-confirm set to ‘0’, for example. This way your auto-confirm rules will stay in place before and after the Christmas period.


Keep on top of your enquiries using all the features Collins has to offer, such as labels and follow-ups. More info here.

3. Ever wondered how Santa knows exactly what everyone wants for Christmas?

Save hours and hours of admin with Collins Pre-Orders. This is a real game-changer. Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets, scanned orders and manually entering 100’s of pre-orders. Set up Christmas Menus and send these easily to enquiries/bookings.  The customer can manage their own check out with friends, family or colleagues, complete the pre-order and pay (if requested by you). All of this then comes back directly into Collins and is logged against the booking.


Print your place cards directly from Collins, this will literally save you and your team hours! Place cards can be printed from the top right of your diary or run sheet page. Further instructions here.

4. Prepare the chefs!

Did you know you can download and print daily kitchen sheets and weekly pre-order sheets?

At the click of a button let the chef’s know what pre-orders they have coming in, allowing them to prepare more efficiently than ever before.

Week's Pre-orders:

Kitchen sheet:  

5. Use your Collins data to bring the previous customer back

This is where your ‘Customers’ section is super helpful. Who booked with you last Christmas? Who has already booked large parties with you? Who have you marked as a regular customer? Use the filters to drill down your customer data; download the data and send them a special Xmas email to tempt them back. Please our handy training video on your Customers section here.

6. Reporting

Collins has a fantastic built-in reporting function, giving you access you all your data whenever you want it. Check out how to use our reporting feature. Not only can you see what’s coming up for the week/month ahead, but you can also see how well you’re doing/have done and learn valuable lessons for next year.   

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