Diary/Floorplan - Checking in a booking and the expanded booking details panel

Once you have marked a guest as 'Arrived' in your Check-In Panel by clicking on the TICK box, you can click on the booking in your check-in list to expand the booking details panel.


Please Note: You can only check bookings in on today's date.

In the Expander panel you can:

  • Change the booking type, guest numbers, expected time of arrival and the duration, all without having to click into the booking and out of the Floorplan/Diary - make sure to SAVE any changes

  • Partly check in the booking - for example, if half of the party have arrived and you want to make a note that there are still X amount to come - just click on the Drop-down with the number of guests in the Check-in section

  • Track the stage of the booking, from 'Arrived' to 'Left' - Please note that you don't have to go through each stage to get to left, you can go in the order you like. You can also create your own stages.

  • Mark the booking as a No Show and a reason why they didn't show with your customer Labels  This will then be tagged against the customer's profile in your Collins system for future bookings. Once you have marked them as a no show, this will then move the booking into the 'Finished Bookings' section of the list.

  • See all the Tables/Areas the booking is assigned to and change the table that's been allocated using the 'Find Areas' tool.  

  • Add run sheet notes that are relevant to the current time, for example 'Birthday boy in red', 'Half of Party have arrived, in the garden'.

  • Reject the booking - Once you have clicked 'Reject', the labels that have been marked as 'Cancelled' in your Settings will appear, giving you the option to tag why this booking has been rejected. For example, 'Phoned and cancelled on the day', 'Ill on the day', 'Didn't Pay Deposit', 'Couldn't get through'.

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