Collins Dashboard - Overview

The Collins Dashboard is your landing screen when logging on to Collins for the day. It is there to give you a snapshot of whats happening in your venue(s) on todays date. Here is what each section is all about. 

Your Enquiries
These results have been extracted from your Notification centre, which is located in your Enquiries page. They will show you how many follow ups you have set for today, how many in progress enquiries you have and how many new messages are waiting for you (if you're a Collins Mail client). It will also give you a quick overview of enquiries that need to be actioned; Untaken enquiries, new enquiries that are older than 2 hours and any enquiries for todays date. 

If a colleague or team member has mentioned you in internal chat within a booking, this is where you will be notified of this. See here for full details on internal chat within Collins.

Notes about today 
Has a member of your team made a note about today's date in the Floorplan or Diary? They will appear in the centre of your Dashboard too 

Today's Bookings
Taken from your Monthly and Weekly Overview sections, this allows you to quickly see what your Morning, Afternoon and Evening are looking like, as well as seeing how many covers are coming in for each of your booking types.

Close Bookings
This enables you to quickly close off bookings for today's date without having to go into your settings. If you need to re-open them shortly after, you can do so in the same section.

Need Help?
Unsure on how to do something in Collins? Search for it here and you will get access to our vast database of help articles. 

Service Status
If there is anything that is affecting Collins and our Support Team are aware of it, we will post this update in the Service Status section for you to be in the know. 

Latest Collins Updates
When we have new features in Collins, this is where we will update you.

Latest from Collins College
Pulled from our Know How, these are the most recent articles that our Support Team have published to help you with using your Collins Software 

Enquiries Page FAQs

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  9. Enquiries Page - Search Bar
  10. Enquiries Page - Filtering enquiries & bookings
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  13. Enquiries Page - Find a current booking/enquiry
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  15. Enquiries Page - Notification Centre Explained
  16. Enquiries Page - Keeping your Notification Centre up to date
  17. Enquiries Page - Email bounced notification
  18. Enquiries Page - Where do I see any 'Special Requests' a customer made when making an auto-confirm booking?
  19. Enquiries Page - How can I see my Confirmed bookings?
  20. Enquiries Page - Sent Messages
  21. Enquiries Page - Change History
  22. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Customer Details
  23. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Why can’t I save this booking?
  24. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Can I manually enter a booking in 1 minute intervals? I.e. 19:04
  25. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Why can I only see the booking details and not the customer details for this booking?
  26. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Marking enquires as over the phone/from email/from a third party
  27. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Tag a booking with a Source (3rd Party, Over The Phone, From Email etc...)
  28. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Booking Details
  29. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Default Duration
  30. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Additional Details
  31. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Set Up Requirements
  32. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Assign to Areas
  33. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Area Search/Smart Space Finder
  34. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Adding internal or run sheet notes to a booking
  35. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Adding packages/pre-orders & minimum spends to a booking
  36. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Allocating a seat number to your customer orders
  37. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Recording payments made outside the system
  38. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Invoice/VAT Receipt
  39. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Sending emails to your customers
  40. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Sending attachments in emails
  41. Within a Booking/Enquiry - How do I stop the follow-up email being sent to an individual booking
  42. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Booking History
  43. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Create a run sheet (function sheet) for one booking
  44. Within a Booking/Enquiry - PRINT button (function sheets)
  45. Within a Booking/Enquiry - How do I sort the pre orders on my function sheet by course?
  46. Within a Booking Enquiry - Formatting your Pre-orders on your Function Sheet
  47. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Duplicating/copying a booking
  48. Within a Booking/Enquiry - sections explained
  49. Within a Booking/Enquiry - PRINT Button/Function Sheet (dietary requirements)
  50. Within a Booking/Enquiry - the importance of using Booking Action Labels
  51. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Set yourself a reminder
  52. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Adding an Actual Spend/Guest Amount after the booking has taken place
  53. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Find a Customer
  54. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Customer Profile
  55. Within a Booking/Enquiry - Has the customer signed up to your newsletter?

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