Tables/Areas - Joined Tables/Areas

This feature allows you to create joined table combinations within Collins. It's really important to add as many combinations as possible so Collins knows which tables can be pushed together to accommodate larger groups.

Once you've joined the tables together in your settings, Collins will add the max capacities of each table together, e.g. if Table 9 (4 pax) and Table 10 (4 pax) are joined, the capacity of the combination will be 8 pax. However, if by pushing these tables together, you can actually accommodate more/less people, you can set the maximum capacity yourself. For example, I know that I can actually fit two more guests when join tables 9 and 10 together, so I'll change the max capacity to 10.

To calculate the Minimum Capacity of your Joined Tables/Areas, Collins will use the summed capacity of the Tables. For example, if Table 9 (min capacity 2) and Table 10 (min capacity 2) are joined, the combined minimum capacity of Tables 9 and 10 will be 4. This will mean Collins won’t auto-confirm groups of 3 or less onto these tables or suggest these tables when using the Find Areas tool.

To add some joined tables, go to:

> Settings

> Venues

> select venue name

> Tables/Areas

> scroll down to ‘Joined Tables/Areas’

> List all possible table combinations i.e.

Table 1 / Table 2

Table 2 /  Table 3

Table 1 / Table 3

Table 1 / Table 2 / Table 3


> Next to your listed table combinations you know have two capacity fields: ‘Max People (Seated)’ and ‘Max People’ - enter/edit accordingly

> Save

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