Tables/Areas - It won't let me assign a table even though I have entered the table in Tables/Areas

Possible reasons:

- If you've just added the table in the Tables/Areas section of your settings, make sure you have clicked the purple SAVE button in the left-hand corner before moving to the Enquiries page.   


- If you have saved, try refreshing the page you're on before attempting to assign the tables.

- When you added the table into Settings > Tables/Areas, did you enter a Table/Area name?


- If you are trying to assign the table to a booking in the Floor plan, did you assign the table in the Floor plan as well as listing it in Tables/Areas? Has it been assigned to the correct floor plan if you have more than one? Has it been entered as a shape rather than a table on the floor plan by mistake?  


Here's a guide on drawing your floorplan 

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