Customer Database - How do I download the details of all customers who have given marketing permission?

In your Customers section, you can filter your Customer Database and pull the data into a CSV download which you can then use to upload to your mailing system.

Please note: If you don't see a Customers tab in your tool bar, this will be due to your current level of permissions set up on your account. To amend this please contact a key user in your venue who has access to edit your permissions.

To Download all Customer Data records simply click DOWNLOAD (if report contains under 1000 search results) or EMAIL (if report contains 1000+ records). 

To pull a list of customers who have Opted in to your Marketing preferences, select Add Filter > select Marketing Permissions - complete the parameters you wish to filter your customer list by:

  • Opted in - this will pull a list of all customers that opted in to Marketing

  • If you have multiple Marketing Preferences for your customers to choose from, these will show as tick boxes i.e. Email marketing, Post, By phone/text. Select the relevant options.

  • Opted out - this will pull a list of customers who previously opted in but later opted out. Read through this guide on how to update a customers marketing permission in Collins.

Finally, enter:

  • Dates - this is the date range that the customer would have opted in/opted out

Once all parameters have been entered, select Apply to bring up the search results.

At this point, you can select Add Filter to drill this list down further.

​PLEASE NOTE: any reports you need to EMAIL (anything with 1001 to 25'000 records) will be sent to the email address the User Account you're logged in with and will be addressed from Please make sure you whitelist as otherwise it might go into spam. The subject of the email will be 'Bookings Download'.

Click the link and this triggers the download.  

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