Where can I add users, I do not have this option in Settings?

If your account does not have ‘Manage Permissions’ enabled you will not be able to do add users. If you are not the Key user for your venue do ask the key user for access to this. If you are the Key user then do contact collins-support@designmynight.com and we will enable ‘Manage Permissions’ for you.

When you have ‘Manage Permissions’ enabled, here is how you can add and manage your users.

To add a New User you go to Settings:

> Users

> ADD USER on the left-hand side panel

> this will then send them an email with details of their login

Once they are on your list of Users select whether you want them to have access to ‘All Venues’ or type in the Venue(s) you want them to be able to access. Make sure to tick which permissions you want them to have > Click Save. More information please see our guide here.


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