Enquiries Page - Download button

You can pull all your Booking Data from the system into a CSV download by using the DOWNLOAD button in your main Enquiry screen.

Once you have the data that needs downloading filtered in the enquiries page:


  • Click DOWNLOAD next to the search bar

  • A pop-up window will appear - asking if you want to include Customer data - email address, phone number, date of birth, customer notes and runsheet notes (if your account has the relevant permissions)

If this is box ticked, the information (if it exists within a booking) will be displayed in the relevant columns.

If the box left unticked, this information will not be displayed and the columns will remain blank. If the user does not have ‘Download Customers’ permission enabled, no option to choose will pop up and the CSV will automatically download without the customer data displayed.

You can see a full list of what can be included in the CSV download here.

> For anything under 1000 records you can select the Download button and the report will instantly download into a CSV file.

> For anything between 1001 to 100,000 records, please select the 'Email' button and the report will be sent to the email address your User Account is registered to. This can take a few minutes to arrive and will be addressed from DesignMyNight (support@designmynight.com), subject line 'Bookings Download'. Click the link within the email and this triggers the download.


The CSV file will also include cancelled and lost bookings, whereas if you have added a filter to your list of enquiries based on a certain date range, cancelled and lost bookings will not be listed on the Enquiries Page unless you also filter by Status, and tick 'Cancelled' and 'Lost'. Therefore your CSV file may include more enquiries than you expect - these are the cancelled and lost bookings.

More info on filtering your Enquiries List can be found here.

Do check your spam/junk box if you don’t seem to have received the email and mark support@designmynight.com as safe.

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