Enquiries Page - Keeping your Notification Centre up to date

To be used as an effective Enquiry Management tool, your Notification Centre (in the left-hand side of your Main Enquiries page) should only contain notifications/reminders for today's date and any in the future, excluding the ‘Follow Up Required’ section. Treat this as your daily to-do list and the system's centre for notifying you when payments have been made/messages received etc.

As you receive Notifications i.e. Payment Received, New Message, Pre-order added - once these have been actioned you should be clearing these from your Notification Centre to keep it as up to date as possible.

You can clear notifications one by one, by going to:

  • Enquiries page > Notification Centre > choose the section with notifications, for example, I have one ‘Pre-order added’ notification


  • Select the booking to bring you to the Booking Details window
  • On the left-hand side, just beneath the Follow Up field, you will see a section named ‘Open Notifications’ has appeared


  • Once you have taken note of this notification, tick the box where it says ‘Pre-order added’ > press the purple SAVE button to save the booking/enquiry

You will notice the ‘Open Notifications’ section has now disappeared and if you go back to your Enquiry page, you will see that the notification has also been taken out of the Notification Centre

You can also clear multiple notifications at once from the Enquiries page:

  • Click into the section in the Notification Centre of the alerts you want to clear
  • using the blank tick-boxes next to the booking/enquiry select the notifications you want to clear or choose the very top tick-box to select all
  • select Clear Notifications

The same process applies for all Notifications that require action to be taken, excluding follow-ups...

To clear your ‘Follow up Required’ section, once in the Booking details:

  • go to ‘Follow up’
  • select the ‘X’ next to the date that has been set or click on to the date and change it to a future date
  • SAVE the booking/enquiry

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