Filtering the Customers section

Your Customer section lists all the customer data stored in your Collins system.

Just like in your Enquiries page, there is a Filter tool for you to drill this list down even further.


What can I Filter by?

Birthday Month - search for customers with birthdays in a particular month i.e. June. Using this information you could send out Birthday promotions.

Booking Date - search for customers who made a booking in a certain month i.e. December, to see all those companies/people who held their Christmas parties at your venue

Labels - search by the customer labels you tag your customers with I.e. Regular, VIP

Marketing Permission - search for all the customers who opted to sign up to your Newsletter

Venue - if you have multiple venues you can search for the customers who visited each venue


Please note: Customer records are associated with an email address. Any customers without an email address will not have a customer record in this section.

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