Diary/Floorplan/Run sheet - Setting a default time & managing your walk ins.

To set up a default time on your same-day bookings so it's quicker to add them into the Diary/Floorplan on real-time service, go to:

  • Settings

  • Venues > select Venue

  • Diary settings tab on the left-hand side

  • Setup the default durations for 1 – 6+ walk-in covers.

  • Make sure to SAVE the page.

Then, when you go to add a walk-in booking in the Diary/Floorplan, the durations will be auto-filled for you, making it that much easier to keep on top of a busy service.

N.B: Setting up the duration for 6+ is linked to the ‘Add Booking’ button found on the Diary/Floorplan.


In the Diary/Floorplan, in your Top toolbar there are 5 Walk-In buttons > select the number of walk-in Guests (1-5)

You'll notice the Time, Number of Guests and Duration will all auto-fill in the 'add booking' form that is now present in the left-hand panel. If there is only Booking Type valid for the current time, it will auto-fill that field too.

If you are adding walk-ins bookings for 6 guests or more, click on the ‘Add Booking’ button and input the number of guests you would like to add. The ‘Until’ field will then auto-fill to the duration you have set within your set up.


When using Find Areas, you have the option to 'Include exceeded cover limits' in the check. This will enable Collins to return results even if a Limit Arrivals rule will be exceeded at that time.


  • A list of your available tables will then display.

  • select the table you wish to place the Booking in **

** If you have made Table Assignment mandatory (guide here) within your settings, you will have to select a Table(s) at this stage to be able to add the Booking or Enquiry into Collins - see guide.  
  • this will be ticked as 'Walk-in' so you don't need to take any details

  • If you wish to take a name, phone number, for example, you can untick 'Walk-in' > contact fields will now appear

  • when ready > click the green COMPLETE button

Please note, bookings will only be recognised as walk-ins in the Walk-In Bookings when the booking started within 15 minutes of the time it was added, regardless of whether they were added with one of these walk-in icons.

To see a video tutorial on setting a default time for your walk-ins, please click here & to see a tutorial on managing your walk-ins, please click here. 

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