Collins Mail - FAQs

How does the email display to the customer?

The email will arrive in their inbox with your venue name as the "from name" and then the subject including the booking reference.

EG. From Bar Collins Subject: Your enquiry at Bar Collins | Ref Number

Can the from name display my name rather than the venue name?

Yes if you wish. The venue name will be the one that automatically displays, e.g. from Bar Collins, but if you want to change this to your name you can select the "Send From Me" button when sending the email which will change the from the name set up in your venue admin to the name on your user account.

Can we keep our current email address?

If you want to use Collins Mail then no - you must use the special email address we give to you. It will be along the lines of The customer will see your venue name/user name so don't worry about the actual email address it comes from. It's less about the actual email address and more about who sent it in Collins.

Do we get an email address per user?

No this is a completely new way to think about your emails. You will have one email address per venue as the master email that everything goes out from, it is your users that define the "number of accounts". From a customer point of view, they will always see the same email address. From your point of view, your new "inbox" is your "new messages" section in your Notification Centre.

How do I know if I have a new email to read/action?

In your Notification Centre, head to the "new messages" section and numbers will appear in the box as to how many new emails you have. There will also be a blue envelope icon by the enquiry/booking in your main enquiry list.

How do I read a new email?

If you have clicked on "new messages" in your Notification Centre, your enquiry list will display all the enquiries that have a new message waiting to be actioned. If you click on that enquiry it will take you directly to your "Messages" tab within the enquiry. Your new message will be in bold.

Can I CC someone onto my outbound email?

Yes, you can. There is a CC box in the Compose Email section

What is 'mark as unread' for, when I have an email open?

If you read an email but don't action it there and then or if you are a manager and want to read an email but not delete the notification of a new email from your team's Notification Centre, you can mark as unread which will keep it as a "new message" in the Notification Centre.

Would we put this new email address on our website for people to email?

No, you would still have an events@ // bookings@ email address on your website if customers wanted to email you not using the booking widget. You can then add this booking/enquiry to Collins and continue the conversation with the customer on Collins. Collins Mail is only for emails linked to a booking/enquiry in the system.

If a customer does email your special Collins Mail email address (eg. separately, you can set a forwarding email address in admin for emails not linked to a booking. Collins will then ping an email to this email address (probably your normal reservations@ email address) with the email. You can then add this as a new enquiry/booking into Collins.  

If a customer forwards an email chain to a friend to get in contact with us, would we still get this?

Let's say you have been emailing Tom and book him in. Tom is so impressed he sends that chain to his friend Nick to book in with you. If Nick replies to the chain asking for a booking, the Collins user of Tom's booking will get a notification in the Notification Centre that they have a new message. They can then create a new booking for Nick.

How do I pass my inbox to a colleague when I am away?

There are two ways you can do this. If you are going to pass your open enquiries to one person in your team you can re-assign your enquiries to that person. Then if a new inbound email comes in for one of these enquiries it will appear in your colleague's Notification Centre as they are assigned to the booking. Or your colleagues can click "Assigned to anyone" then filter in the main list by "Assigned to" [you] and "Notifications" [new messages] to keep an eye on new messages coming in on your enquiries.

Can I receive attachments from a customer into Collins?

Yes, Collins Mail allows attachments to come back into the system. You will find the attachment at the top of the message when you click on it. Collins also stores this attachment forever, against that booking for you at no extra cost. So, for example, booking forms received from a customer will automatically be saved against that booking forever in Collins.

Does Collins Mail have an Out of Office functionality?

Yes. Please see the video here on how to use this

For a full training video on using Collins Mail please click here.

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