Customer Database - How to download customer's emails

Go to the Customers tab when logged into Collins.

Please note: If you don't see a Customers tab in your toolbar, this will be due to your current level of permissions set up on your account. To amend this please contact a key user in your venue who has access to edit your permissions

Below the search bar is the different filters you can apply when searching the full list.


To Download all Customer Data records simply click DOWNLOAD (if there are under 1000 search results) or EMAIL (if there are over 1000+ records).

​PLEASE NOTE: any reports you need to EMAIL (anything with 1001 to 25'000 records) will be sent to the email address the User Account you're logged in with and will be addressed from Collins Robot. Please make sure you whitelist as otherwise, it might go into SPAM. The subject of the email will be 'Download Report'.


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