Emails & Texts - Sending SMS messages

When in a booking, go to the Messages tab and you will see a "Send SMS" button next to "Compose Email"  


Click this to go to the SMS module.

You can either select a template (if you have set one up) or type a message into the free type box.

(Follow this guide to set up SMS templates.)

Please note, one SMS message is 160 characters. If you go over this, you will be charged for two texts, and so on... The character counter will tell you how many you have used.


Hit Send  

Underneath this, a log of the texts sent to the customer will be displayed

Please note: This is an outbound feature only. Customers cannot reply to the SMS message.

** Please get in touch with your Account Manager if you wish to activate SMS on your Collins system  as this feature needs to be enabled by the Collins team**


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