Offers - How to set up

If you have any offers available that you want your customers to be aware of, you can set them up in your settings to appear at the point of booking/enquiring. Offers can then be selected by your customers on the widget if their booking/enquiry falls within the parameters you set per offer. See below an example of how the offer will appear:


You can set up Offers at both the Venue Group level or within each individual venue. If added at the group level, it can then be copied to individual venues from that venue's Settings.

To set up offers for a specific venue:

  • Settings

  • Venues > Select the Venue

  • Offers tab on the left-hand side

  • Click 'Add Another' or 'Copy From Venue Group' (if an offer has already been set up)

  • Follow the blue “i” help buttons to know what to put in each box

  • Click “Details” to drill-down your offer even further and tailor your offer:

> You can add a Description

> Set the Availability (either all bookings or just from your website or just from Designmynight)

> Offer this for specific Booking Types

> Set Validity per weekday and timings

  • Make sure to SAVE the page  


If a customer selects an Offer to add to their booking, this will appear in their Booking details screen, just below the customer's name.


You will also receive a notification in your Notification Centre in the Enquiries page under ‘Auto-conf. offer selected’.  


In the Diary/Floorplan, an alert will appear in the Check-in list as a blue quotation mark alert against the customer's booking:


On the night of the booking, you can include this offer on the Customised Runsheet to let the floor staff know which customers have the offer. When creating a Customised Runsheet (in your Diary screen on Run sheet) simply tick the “Include customer requests” box.



The offer will then appear just under the booking name on the run sheet:


To see a video tutorial on how to set up Offers, please click here. 


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