Within a Booking/Enquiry - Adding packages/pre-orders & minimum spends to a booking

To start adding pre-orders to a booking/enquiry, within the Booking details, click on the Pre-orders tab:

  • Click Add Pre-order which will open a black editable section
  • Then click into the Item box and a drop-down will appear of all items you have loaded into your admin section.   


  • Or you can type in Custom > select "Custom" pre-order to add a new item that isn't yet on your Pre-order list - for example, if you have pre-sold some drinks or food that aren't a set package ie. House White Wine. Please make sure to delete the word Custom and name the item!


  • You can also assign each order to a customer by adding their name in the For (name) box. This will allow you to then generate place cards.
  • If you have any customers with dietary requirements - when typing in the For (name) field, a cutlery icon will appear, click on this to add the relevant dietary suitability/allergen for that customer.


  • Once selected, you'll see a list of customers with any allergens/dietary suitability in the Dietary Requirements section at the bottom of the Pre-orders.


  • For each item, you would also be able to add a seat number, assign a time slot, change quantities and add a discount per £ or %


To add a Minimum spend to a pre-order:

  • Once the order has been added, go to the Pre-orders Summary section
  • Click Add minimum spend
  • First select whether it is a Total or Per Head minimum spend, then put in the amount in the "£" box. Do not enter any full stops or commas, enter numbers only.


You will then see a "Remaining Spend" box appear, which discounts the pre-orders and packages from the minimum spend showing you how much the customer has left to spend on the night to meet his/her minimum spend. 

All the information in this section is automatically pulled into the confirmation email and the run sheet for the night

Once pre-orders are added, they will appear on:

Food Sheet

Function sheet

Customised Run sheet

Kitchen Sheet

Customer emails under booking summary

Week's pre-orders

Pre-order list

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