Enquiries Page - Filtering enquiries & bookings

If you are looking to filter all enquiries and bookings that have come into Collins (not just the ones that you are assigned to), it's worth making sure that you are Assigned to Anyone before adding any filters.

You can filter your main bookings list down by many factors, simply by clicking on the Add Filter option located just under the search bar in your main enquiries page.

You are able to add multiple filters at the same time to really narrow down your enquiries.


What are the filters?

  • Assigned to an Area - search for bookings that have/haven't been assigned to a table/area

  • Assigned to - Internal User of your Collins system and whom a booking may be assigned to

  • Booking Type - The different booking types that you have

  • Date - This will be the date that the booking will take place on. Filter by a specific date/date range

  • Payments pending - Search for any bookings that still have outstanding Authentication or Payment Requests.

  • Guests - You can filter by different group sizes

  • Labels - Search by your action labels and auto-confirm bookings

  • Notifications - Search for any bookings with a Notification i.e. Follow up

  • Pre-orders added - If you use our Collins Pre-orders, you can search for any bookings that have started adding their pre-orders

  • Pre-orders complete - If you use our Collins Pre-orders, you can search for any bookings where the customer has completed their pre-order

  • Pre-orders open - If you use our Collins Pre-orders, you can search for any bookings that have a pre-order menu that is open

  • Received Date - Search for bookings made on a specific date/date range

  • Source - Search by your third party bookings or other different sources that your bookings came in from

  • Status - Filter your bookings by their current status i.e. Confirmed

  • Status changed - Search for any bookings that changed status i.e. from New to In Progress, on a particular date/date range

  • Booking falls within - Search for bookings which fall between the times you have selected

  • Start time - Filter by the time the booking was made for

  • Venue - If you have multiple venues you can filter the booking for your different venues

  • Offer - search for any bookings/enquiries where an offer has been selected by the customer

  • Venue Tags - Search for bookings with specific tags attached 

  • Created by- Filter your bookings/ enquiries by the user who created the booking

You can add a number of filters to really drill down the enquiries list and find exactly what you’re looking for. When adding a filter/filters, a new URL link is created, which you can bookmark or save to bring you straight to a certain search each time.

Once a filter search has been completed, the results can then be downloaded into an excel file by clicking on the ‘Download’ button or for larger files, click the 'Email' button to have them emailed to your user account email address.  

To see a video tutorial on filtering enquiries & bookings, please click here.

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