Booking Types - Cross-sell your venues to the customer

If there is no space at the venue the customer is trying to book for, Collins can recommend your sister venues. Collins will do this in real-time while the customer is making the booking on your website. This will only apply to bookings that could be auto-confirmed, not enquiries.

  • Settings

  • Venues

  • Click on the name of the venue

  • Booking Types

  • Click on the booking type you want to enable cross-sell for

  • Scroll down to "Auto-confirm Rules"

  • Tick, "Enable cross-sell if time slot is unavailable"

  • Make sure to SAVE the page



> This will need to be completed for both venues and the option will need to be ticked within the relevant Booking Types. I.e. I would need to set up cross-sell in my 'Drinks Table' booking type in all venues I would like to cross-sell to work for.

> Note, Collins, will only cross-sell bookings types that have the exact same name - So 'Lunch needs to be the same for both venues - not 'Lunch' and 'Lunch - Seated Meal'

> FINAL STEP - For Cross-Sell to be fully enabled, you need to contact your Account Manager.


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