Labels & colours - Adding/editing customer labels

If you have multiple venues, you can add Customer Labels at a Venue Group level by going to Settings:

> Venue Group
> Labels
> Click 'Add Another' and add/edit as you wish
> Save

If you would like to set up customer labels per venue, go to Settings:

> Venues
> Click the name of the venue
> Labels
> Scroll down to "Customer Labels" and add/edit as you wish

Some examples of Customer Labels include - Regular Customer, VIP, Owner etc.


If you have added labels into your Venue Group settings, you can choose to copy them over to specific venues.

In your Venue Level settings, at the bottom of your existing labels, you will see the option to select 'Add from Venue Group'. Click this and you will see your Venue Group labels

Select which items you wish to copy to this venue from the drop-down and SAVE.


The importance of using labels is explained here.


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