How to add users to your system

If a user has the ‘Download Reports’ permissions when clicking on “Settings” an option of “Users” will be visible. If this isn’t visible, please contact a user with the correct permissions.

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To the left-hand side there is an 'Add User' section, enter their email address, first name and last name. When you click 'Add', your new user will appear at the top of the user list. As soon as they appear here you MUST assign which venue(s) they need access to, if this is not added, they will disappear out of the user list. If you have one venue assign the new user to 'All venues'. Then, on the far right side - tick the User Permissions you would like them to have. 

Don't forget to click the green SAVE button on the right side of the page.

IMPORTANT -  If this is a new email address to the Collins database, an email will be sent to the user with a temporary password that they can change. The subject of the email is 'You have been added as a new user', please make sure to check the spam/junk box if its not in the inbox. Once logged in to your account, you should Change your Password to something memorable.

If it is an email address that has been signed up to already, an account is already set up and therefore no email will be sent. If the user cant remember the password they previously entered, they can reset it by going to the following link.

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